Claudia Potycki is about shocking's founder. She graduated in Fashion Design from IUAV University of Venice, where she got to know about fashion studies. There, she also developed her ability in fashion styling and design.


It all started from the last university collection, the Graduation Collection. She decided to develop her child and teen references for the early 2000's celebrity fashion. So an unexplored world opened to her and she decided to deepen her knowledge about the cultural, social, and aesthetic mechanisms that made the 2000s  fashion. It became the theme for her BA thesis, called About Shocking. The Aesthetic Phenomenons of Popular Culture at the Beginning of the New Millennium.

 This event became fundamental to make her define her aesthetic, design method, and field of interest. 



Once finished her university path, she decided to create a platform to talk about fashion as an academic subject, deepening the area of fashion studies. Moreover, she wanted also to create a space to section and investigate the complexity of the fashion system. She is interested in fashion journalism, marketing strategies, and aesthetic analysis. 

Finally, she was looking for a place where to keep developing her creativity, making and sharing her works as a designer and stylist.


Check out her works here: